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Untold Stories #2 by Peter McLean

Untold Stories #2  2008

Medium: woodcut and pollen flocking
Edition: variable eddition - 3 prints
Paper: Stonehenge white
Image Size: 76x28cm
Paper Size: 76x28cm


Bleed printed from two plywood blocks, and including pine pollen flocked onto wet ink.


The Untold Stories series of woodcuts is in response to a small pine plantation on the urban fringe of Canberra, Australia's capital.  Investigation into the history of the site revealed that there had been a camp built there intended for WWII prisoners of war.  POW's were never sent but it was used to house local residents of German and other 'enemy' nationality who were interned. 


Untold Stories #2 is printed from two plywood blocks in black and green ink and also includes pine pollen flocked onto the wet ink surface and giving the yellow pigment.