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Fog and Shadow Series by Peter McLean

Fog and Shadow Series  2011

charcoal and chalk on paper

76x56cm each sheet

This series of drawings was made while in California on the JB Blunk Artist Residency.  Thick fog came in off the nearby sea on most afternoons, and ussually stayed till sometime in the mid morning.  The fog activated the landscape with constant change.  Depending on the wind and other conditions the fog and the landscape interacted in different ways.  I began to attempt to record something of these changes, by doing a drawing each day of the nearby hills, except I didn't draw the hills or the forest, only the fog in white chalk on black paper, or if the fog was absent when I did my drawing, I drew the deep shaddows under the pines in charcoal on white paper.


Paper: BFK Reeves

Dimension: 76x56cm (each sheet)

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