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Cartyographies XI by Peter McLean

Cartyographies XI  2020


Image size 42x46 cm, Paper size 76x110cm

Purchase for $385.00

Cartographies is a series of large screenprints created in 2010 and first exhibited as part of Systematic at M16 Artspace in Canberra.  Abstract organic forms sit graphically isolated on the full sheets of white Stonehenge paper.  Playing with scale, repitition and doubling, these forms have become more stark and monumental than the very small prints they are derived from.  They alude to nature and landscape, but keep their secrets close.  

In Cartographies XI a single image is presented, significantly enlarged from the origional wood engraving source, emphasising the contradictions of fluid drawing, transposed through the rigid process of engraving in the negative, the tiny incidental flaws and cleus to the marks of tools in wood, bringing a distinctive liveliness to the graphic image.

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