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Bone Sequence II by Peter McLean

Bone Sequence II  2011

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My work often engages with particular natural materials, and bone is one of the more symbolically potent materials.  Bone Sequence II comprises a series of images created by first sanding a flat serface onto an animal bone (a sheep pelvis)and then printing this surface in the manner of a fine relief print. This process was repeated many times on the one bone to create the sequence of pages, reflecting the structure of the bone, much like medical imaging or scanning, with each pages representing a thin slice through the object.  The translucency of the thin kozo paper allows a faint shaddow of underlying pags to show though, as well as each image being seen with clarity on the verso of each leaf as well.  This allows the viewer to see the way each image relates to each other.




Medium: Relief prints from bone, hardbound book with black bookcloth covering

Edition: 4

Paper: Kozo extra light

Size: 32x23cm (closed), 18 pages.

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