Upcoming Workshops - 2018  
 Monotype - April 21-22
 Megalo Print Studio and Gallery, Canberra  

Often referred to as ‘painterly’ printmaking, monotype is a type of print made by drawing or painting with ink on a smooth surface. The image is then transferred to paper using a press. Unlike other printmaking techniques, the resulting image is a ‘one off’ that cannot be repeated. Best known for rich tones and spontaneous mark making, monotype is an easy to explore medium requiring no previous printmaking experience.  This two day workshop will give a thorough introduction to a number of ways to use monotype including black and white 'maner noir' and multi colour direct transfer methods.  For details and bookings see:




Wood Engraving

Canberra - Megalo Print Studio and Gallery,  May 19-20th
Brisbane - Impress Print Studio,   June 30- July 1st

WOOD ENGRAVING is a relief printing technique where the hard end grain of wood is used for engraving an image, rather than the softer side grain used in woodcuts. Wood engraving was traditionally used for illustrations in books and can achieve a fine clean line. In this course you will be taught how to prepare your wood block, use engraving tools to make a range of marks, and print your image.

For more info see Megalo website or email for Canberra workshop, and Impress for Brisbane workshop

Intro to Printmaking - Relief, Etching and Screenprint  
 Megalo Print Studio Canberra - various dates throughout 2018  
Megalo run this great program which gives a quick intro to lino cut, etching and screenprinting run over six Thursday evenings and they have asked me to teach the linocut component for the next few classes.  It is very popular and ussually fills up.   Contact Megalo for more details.  
Nature Printing  
The Planting Festival - Woodfordia, Qld - May 4-6

Join me at this festival of music, arts and environment to enrich ourselves, each other, and the Woodfordia festival site.



Printmaking Workshops for your organisation  
I love the opportunity to share my knowledge in a range of printmaking techniques, while at the same time meeting other artists and visiting new places. So if you are part of an arts organisation or group and are interested in running printmaking workshops, then get in touch and I can probably tailor something to suit.  I have run a lot of different workshops in the past, including lino cut, woodcut, wood engraving, etching and drypoint, collograph and monotype.  Some workshops can be run without a press, and I also have a small portable press that I use for workshops, so they can even be run in a space not equiped as a studio.  
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